There are currently over 1,000 cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based tokens worth billions of US dollars trading on over 5,000 markets around the globe. Although the cryptocurrency space has shown strong long-term growth as a whole, it has been unpredictable. While some coins have remained dominant over the years, others have fallen into obscurity, taking unwary investors down with them. In light of this, the founders of Indicium created a dynamic architecture designed to address the complexities and volatility of cryptocurrencies by indexing the broader market. It will provide a token tied to algorithmically chosen baskets that will prioritize stability yet still grow with the cryptomarket. As the first index is currently in development, we invite you to join our team to help us grow and develop!


The founders are tasked with overseeing the organization during the early stages. They are focused on establishing the organization and managing the daily operations, as well as guiding and participating in active development.


The advisors have a vast array of knowledge amongst them, including first hand experience with the underlying blockchain technology of PeerAssets and Peercoin. They are each indispensable sources of wisdom and aid.